Jack’s Citrus Glue is a cross between Jacky White (Jack Herer x White Widow) and Lemon Glue (Lemon Skunk x (gg#4 x BC Kush) made in collaboration with RheaSunGardens.


Available in 6 packs, these are Regular Cannabis Seeds.


From RheaSunGardens:

“Jacky White is a high yielding, sturdy, sativa leaning beauty. She’s medium size, she will stretch, but not excessively, her side branches will be arms, she’s naturally mold resistant. She’s a beautiful red head with an intense grapefruit smell that tapers off to a bit of fuel, with a piney back end. She’s not a finicky plant at all, really easy to grow, and is happy in most conditions.”

Jack's Citrus Glue F1 - 6 Regular Cannabis Seeds